Donnerstag, 3. Mai 2012

Macross Missile Massacre

A tactic wherein a military vehicle or craft — often a Humongous Mecha — launches a massive salvo of missiles at a target, often more missiles than the craft should be able to hold. The missiles often follow artistic curving trajectories for no apparent reason, though strategically it may simply make them more difficult to dodge (or intercept, if there's any usable point defence). Occasionally, this is explained in Space Opera as the effect a ship's energy/force/gravity field has on the missiles.


Leider haben NPC nur einen Launcher, was dem ganzen leider etwas den Effekt raubt. (Beware the Drakefleet - bei der sitzen die Launcher btw auf den Fake-Launchern)

Nebenbei gibt es ein völlig neues Inventar (DevBlog soon™):

Und zum Schluss noch etwas negatives:

Paladin - nun doppelt so hässlich!

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